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Science Day

Science DayScience Day

Each year Clandonald School dedicated one full day to the celebration of science. This year we travelled to Vermilion to see science in action in our community. Our first stop was Lakeland Emergency Training Centre at Lakeland College. Mr. Don Keenan showed us a video about fire behaviour and talked to the students about fire prevention and safety. He then took us out to the yard where a special doll house built by Mrs.Snider and her son (thanks John Snider!) was set up. He proceeded to light a fire in the ground floor of the house and demonstrate how the fire and smoke grew & died down and moved through the house based on ventilation. One of our grade 4 students, Chris Baptiste, assisted Mr. Keenan in extinguishing the fire with the pumper truck! Eight students also had the opportunity to ride in the truck too! Students were each given and activity book and fire hat before we headed to our next location.

We stopped for a lunch break at the Vermilion Provincial Park. Despite the cool temperature, students enjoyed running around in the fresh air exploring the park and playing at the playground. Jessica Hryciuk, an instructor at Lakeland College, met us at the park and led us on a nature walk identifying plants. She is a wealth of plant knowledge and could not be stumped!

Next, we met up with Constable Catherine Van Berkom at the police station. She quizzed the students on crime scene evidence and demonstrated how to obtain finger prints from various items like glass, paper and light or dark objects. She also answered students' questions about police work. Her vest and belt, which she wears every day, weigh about 40 lbs! 

On our way home we stopped at Mrs. Jackson's acreage and checked out her family's animals. They have a variety of chickens, a rabbit, cats and a huge fluffy dog. She also provided us we ice cream before we loaded back on the bus.

Thank you to our dedicated bus driver, Cheryl Lawrence, Mr. Keenan and Lakeland Emergency Training Centre, Jessica Hryciuk, Contable Kate and the Vermilion RCMP, and Mrs. Jackson for providing our students with first hand experience of science in our community!