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Geralyn McCormack

Teachers - Elementary - Gr. 1-3 Language & Math, Gr. 4-6 Social & Science, SPARKLE, Makerspace, Gr. 1-3 Health, Gr. 1-6 Phys. Ed

About Me

I attended Clandonald School for grades 1 through 9, and came back here for my student teaching. After teaching for 10 years in various Alberta locations, I have now been back teaching in Clandonald for 15 years.  We are a great team here in this building, and I am privileged to work with professional colleagues who are also my friends. We are blessed at this school to have supportive parents and very strong and active community involvement.

At school, I am known for my interest in the environment, from organizing our recycling program, planting the garden beds with the students, hosting insect farms in my classroom, to helping students identify birds for the annual SEEDS Bird Count. I love to see children's delight and enthusiasm for nature.

Truthfully, I spend more time in this building than anywhere else.  In my spare time (????), I visit with my two active and growing nephews, take photographs, read, crochet, and sing in my church.