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Jodi Simmonds

Inclusive Learning - VIBE Coach

About Me
I have been a VIBE Coach for .5 years and have been working in Vermilon Outreach School, Clandonald School, Dewberry School, and also at the School of Hope (ECACS). VIBE is a Mental Health Capacity Building Program, and is funded by Alberta Health Services. I spend my days in classrooms talking to children, youth, and staff about mental health literacy and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. I also teach skills and strategies to promote mental wellness, helping students to manage stress and to recognize when it may be time to reach out for supports. I also spend time making sure to connect staff, students, and parents, to mental health and other supports in our communities. When I'm not in your schools, I'm usually at a VIBE sponsored event bringing mental health information and resources to our communities. I'd invite staff and students to search me out if they are looking for mental health information or resources for themselves or to support others.